How to Sell your Handcrafted Jewellery

You can make a lot of money selling handcrafted jewellery.  However, like any business: some do well, while others fail.  And the failure rate of new business is appalling. 

To succeed you need to carefully plan everything.  Minimize your costs, maximize your selling price, and market like hell.  If you follow some of the ideas in this book, you WILL make money.


There’s a huge demand for original well made jewellery.  The problem facing most crafters is finding paying customers among increasing competition.


Ways to Sell

If it’s new to you, try the best ways to sell jewellery below, we’ll elaborate later:


·         Networking
Expanding your circle of friends will get you ahead in the game.  You can’t impose on them by hard selling - but if you talk about your craft and give little jewellery presents at special occasions, you’ll attract the opportunity to sell.  

Expand your circle to include friends of friends, and you’ll find some want to buy from you.  Others may be keen on hosting a jewellery-making party or attending one of your jewellery-making workshops.

·        Craft fairs
If you have made a lot of jewellery, search your local newspapers or online for craft shows where you can rent a stall.  This is an easy inexpensive way to start selling.  People will even buy jewellery from you at trunk sales.

·        Home jewellery parties
Invite your friends and neighbours round for snacks, cheese and wine.  When the small talk begins, show your latest creations.  Make them feel your products.  Encourage guests to try your jewellery for size, bring mirrors. This relaxed and friendly environment works well because most people know each other, and this ensures trust.

·        Online shop
Online shops allow you to reach a much-larger market.  Although eBay is saturated, it’s worthwhile and simple to build a store there.  It’s also easy and inexpensive to publish your own web site or online shop, but this will require marketing skills.  Put the URL (web address) of your shop on business cards and advertise in jewellery publications.         

·        Self marketing
Wear your designs at work and when you go out. Whenever someone compliments you, hand a business card and tell them (and others nearby) you made it and would be happy to show other pieces.  Never miss the opportunity to sell – give your business cards freely.

·        Get other people selling for you
Display your jewellery in someone else’s bricks & mortar or online shop.  Either selling wholesale to them outright, or sale or return.  Apart from jewellery and clothes shops, bridal and florist shops are on the lookout for quality jewellery to sell.

·        Promote through a charity
Many large companies help a good cause, while at the same time promoting their products successfully.  You can too!  Anytime people know you’ll donate part of the price to a worthy cause, you’ll sell more. 

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