Go For It!

Seriously, if you’ve thinking of selling your jewellery, or you already sell a little but want to do more – don’t hesitate another hour.  Go for it! 


There are all sorts of excuses for what I call mental laziness:


·         I want to concentrate all my time, so I’ll start tomorrow.

·         I want to get it right from the start.

·         My designs sell because I’m a perfectionist, I can’t rush.

·         I’m busy right now.


Excuses!  Don’t worry about being short of time or making mistakes by rushing.  Drop whatever you were planning and start the first steps to building your jewellery-making business right away. 

Never prefer doing easy tasks before more-difficult, but profitable work.


It’s always better to actually DO something right away, than doing it well later. 

You can always correct mistakes and improve over time.

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