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How Charm Bead Magic Can Make You Money
Charm beads have always been popular. However, the increasing desire for troll beads have brought charms to the top of fashion. There's been an explosion of different brands and styles covering everything imaginable. With prices ranging from cheap colored plastic beads, to gold and silver charms costing hundreds-of-dollars each.

It's this variation with charm bead bracelets that make them so appealing. Customers' love to use their imagination designing their own bracelet. People like a unique style that expresses the way they dress, their birth date or desires. They choose individual charms carefully to bring them luck, or as a set theme, like the time of year.

How to Sell Charm Beads

Cash in on this new desire brought about by costly marketing from Pandora, Tedora in Italy, SimSars, and Truth.

You can make money from charm beads in a number of ways. They're especially fashionable with children right now. So if you sell at children's parties, schools, or for parents' to buy as presents, you're already onto a winner.

Another way to sell charm beads is to make up bracelets to order right away, while the customer waits. You can do this at jewelry parties, craft fairs, schools, jewelry-making workshops, market stalls, boot or garage sales, and just about anywhere else people buy beads.

All you need is a little stand with a table to display and make up from, plus lots of charm beads and the empty bangles. However, it's important to make your display stand out to attract buyers. Hang finished bracelets imaginatively and attractively, with lots of bright lights if you're selling inside.

Separate the different charm beads using a fishing-tackle or tool box, or glass jars. To create interest, make neat little printed cards, explaining the mythology of some of the charms - you can find this out in Google.

Let the customer choose what beads they want in their bracelet, then make them up on blank bangles while they wait. Charge per charm + the blank bangle - that way you make more! For instance:

US$6 for the bangle + $2 per charm - so a bracelet of six charms would be $18.

Troll Beads
These type of charm beads are very popular. Each bead is enchanting with its own magic and history. The design, inspired from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity; and last but not least, familiar everyday living.

With imagination and creativity you can personalize jewelry for a particular person or market, giving others the opportunity to be part of the story.

Tell your customers' to choose the beads that remind them of a special person or memory, or a particular time of year.

Add spacers or other little extras for free - to make the customer feel valued and the bracelet look more professional. If you can build up a crowd waiting, then this will attract more business.

Zodiac Beads
Chinese or Western zodiac beads are ideal to combine with other charm beads. Choose the animal for the year of birth the design is intended for.


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