How to Profit From Chip Beads

Some call chips "cheeky" because they're inexpensive and go a long way - giving you more profit from jewelry made with them!

Use your imagination and mix chips in between other beads to make them go further. They're also fun to use with the wide range available, and idea for inexpensive necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Make matching sets of each using the same gemstones.

Long strands
Chips are sold in much longer strands than other types of beads. Usually at least 32-inches, so you don't need so many strands to make your jewelry. They are also the cheapest way of purchasing most gemstones, allowing those on a budget to use gems they couldn't otherwise afford.

Chips come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some coral chips are made from very fine hairpins, while others may be small chunks. Being natural, almost all have irregular size and shape within the strand, and the size quoted is usually the largest average on the strand. Try mixing different sizes or types - but as always, keep the design harmonious.

Bangles & bracelets
Bracelets can be quickly made using elastic string allowing for expansion so they fit all wrists. Or chips can easily be threaded on thin bangle wire for a more steady effect. Chips are ideal for making bracelets because of their low cost - this allows you tell sell cheaper, attracting more buyers.

If you plan on using a strand of chips to make a necklace, you'll need to restring them - as they are sold only temporary strung without any clasp. It's a good idea to use a tray or table when working with chips as their tiny size make them easy to lose when take off the strand. Have fun!


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