Buying Beads Wholesale


Wholesale Stores
Many people think wholesalers make most of their money selling to big customers who spend lots of money. The fact is, most have many customers who only buy their minimum wholesale amount.


Usually wholesalers are also retailers and will charge high prices for small quantities, so walking into a wholesale shop doesn't guarantee low prices. To get cheap, you have to buy a lot, and even then you won't get the best prices unless you spend thousands. There's also a negative side to dealing with wholesalers. Many sellers have an irritating attitude that makes you feel a nuisance unless you’re a high spender. They dislike haggling on the price for small orders and they hate returns.

However, you can make substantial savings buying larger quantities of beads wholesale. Try these tips:


  • Think ahead
    Plan the type and quantity of beads you need, and pool with friends to buy more. Write down in advance an estimate of the cost you expect to pay.
  • Buy a lot
    Buy as much as you can afford to keep the unit cost down, usually over US£100. Don’t worry if it’s much, you can always auction what you don’t use on eBay.
  • US tax number
    Get a tax ID number to save paying taxes on your purchases. Makes you look like a serious customer too.
  • Examine
    Look at the beads under bright light – many defects aren’t noticeable otherwise. Except for seed beads, don't buy beads that are sealed in plastic without opening to examine the beads inside. Many defects can’t be seen through the bag.
  • Stay cool
    Be friendly, but otherwise unemotional. Don't get angry or defensive if they won't give you the price you want, or a refund. You can’t expect the same level of service buying wholesale as you can retail. It helps to have a sense of humour.

  • Record
    Note the size, style, price and wholesaler, and bring this list with you when you return to shop. If they charged you £30 for a bag of beads two months ago, and this month it costs £36 for the same beads, your questioning could save money.

  • Check prices
    Politely check the invoice carefully. If anything’s wrong or they over-charge, go back and complain.

Online sellers’ bonus
Some wholesalers will even let you use their pictures and copy to sell online.

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