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Nigel MckayThe fastest way to contact me is by e-mail.   I check my mail all the time - so wherever I am or whatever time-zone, I'll get your message.

If you don't know my personal e-mail address, just click the mail icon at the top of this site and use the form that appears.  This protects me from spam.

Other ways to contact me are:

  1. Tweet: click the Twitter icon at the top of this site. Or tweet nigel@nigelmckay.
  2. Fax: you can fax me documents at +44 (0)870 1329414
    Or +1 509 6964232
    I will receive this as an e-fax wherever I am.
  3. Snail mail - you can post to me either in Hong Kong or the UK:
    Nigel Mckay
    PO Box 233
    fanliong Post Office
    Hong Kong

    Nigel Mckay
    1 The Firs
    Off Wigmore Lane
    LU2 8AA
  4. Telephone: I have landline and mobile numbers in Hong Kong, the UK and Mainland China.  If you don't know my numbers, then it's likely I don't want a call from you, but you can always e-mail me to ask!
  5. Other social media will take longer to get through to me.


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